10 Party Games To Play During Covid-19 Lockdown Birthday Parties

We’re approaching the first anniversary of the Covid-19 pandemic. For a whole year, many of us have been confined indoors to prevent the spread of the disease. To circumvent this, people have found ways to adapt to this new norm. Birthday parties are now celebrated with smaller groups of friends and families and some even celebrated their birthdays alone.

However, being confined to your own homes should not stop you from connecting with your loved ones. Heck, you can even organize a fun birthday party online as well, thanks to the internet.

Here are ten video games you can play with your friends during a lockdown birthday party!


Now in their seventh entry in the series Party Pack Games series, Jackbox has never failed to keep the fun going for offline and online parties. Their games allow for a huge amount of participants with a large variety of games included in the pack.

The beauty of Jackbox is that not everyone needs to own the game. Only one person needs to own the game and the rest can simply join the game by heading over to the Jackbox website and enter the room code to play.

Some of the games offered by Jackbox include Quiplash (a very funny game show where everyone gives funny answers and the winner is voted by the players and audience), Drawful (a game where someone draws a prompt and other players will have to guess the picture) and more.


Rising to fame only two years after its release, Among Us is a game similar to Warewolf or Murder where players have to identify the “Impostors” in their midst before they are killed off.

Made popular by streamers, the game is very accessible (free to play on mobile and at a low price on Steam), and easy to understand, making it a game that can be enjoyed by many. A lobby can fit up to ten players, and up to three impostors. Better make sure you know how to lie your way through the game!


Similar to Among Us, Deceit has players guessing which teammates are bloodthirsty monsters. A lobby can have up to six players and two of them are the monsters. The infected monsters must roam around and gather blood in order to transform and kill while players must find a way to escape the area before they are all killed.

Unlike Among Us, players are able to protect themselves with weapons when the monsters attack. In human form, shooting a player results in voting the player out.

Personally, I find this game much more fun than Among Us because it is more fast-paced and scary. The game is free-to-play on Steam and even comes with a ranked mode for those who love a challenge.


For those of you who like board games and absolutely miss Friday boardgame nights with your friends, this one’s for you. The game is a sandbox-type of game where you can pretty much set up most board games out there on the market.

The game is fun, interactive, and almost feels like playing a board game in real life. You can even flip the board over if you’re mad!


Feeling like screaming at your friends like Gordon Ramsay? Well, we’ve got you covered. Overcooked 2 comes with a four-player co-op or competitive mode where players can run around the kitchen, fulfilling orders at the speed of light while making sure the kitchen doesn’t burn down.

If you’re playing in competitive mode, feel free to sabotage the opposing team’s kitchen. It’s a great way to bond (or break friendships). Be sure to let your teammates know they’re an idiot sandwich if they burn the rice.


An unofficial sequel to the popular game, Gang Beasts, this game has you playing as adorable cats, puppies, unicorns, narwhals, and more to BEAT EACH OTHER UP. The game isn’t quite out yet but the demo was extremely fun to play.

Players can punch, headbutt, dropkick, or even grab and throw each other around the map. Weapons will spawn around the area at random, giving you the edge over other players. Personally, my favourite weapon is the ice gun, which freezes other players and allows you to easily push them off the edge of the map. What’s hilarious is the ragdoll physics. I can’t wait for the game to be released but for now, Gang Beasts will have to suffice.


This game has only one objective: survive. Up to six players can roam around the map, collect items, and build a base while avoiding the hazards of the wild. If you think getting through the day is tough, wait till nighttime and the terrors that are out to get you.

If you have more than six players, you can use a mod that allows up to sixty players (which definitely makes the game a lot easier, I’ll tell you that).


Since the game’s release, it has never failed to entertain. After many years of no updates, the game’s developers finally released its final map: The Last Stand.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the game, L4D2 is about surviving a zombie apocalypse. Up to four players can play the game at a time as they crisscross through a map to find the next safe room in the area. Along the way, you’ll even encounter some special types of zombies (which can be controlled by other players in challenge mode). Make sure not to accidentally shoot your own teammates, though!


Cards Against Humanity calls itself a “party game for horrible people” and they’re right about that. The popular card game is full of inappropriate and brash statements that would either offend you or make you laugh hysterically (depending on who you are).

As of right now, there isn’t a way to play the card game online but there are many sites with games inspired by this card game. I mean, what better way to celebrate being stuck indoors during a lockdown birthday party than telling each other offensive jokes, right?


Possibly the worst way to learn how to be a surgeon, Surgeon Simulator 2 has up to four (self-taught) surgeons conducting surgery on random people. These surgeries can range from heart transplants, body part removals, and more.

Be sure the patient doesn’t die in the process as you and your friends try their best to only use your right hand to operate on someone (why? Don’t ask).

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