Buy the GP with the Best Steps in RuneScape

Find a skill you enjoy doing. With the release of the Skill to Explore Dungeons, there are 25 possible skills to try on “RuneScape”. Select a skill and try it as much as possible. If you choose a process ability (Making runes, Potions and Herb Identification, Manufacturing, Arrow and Bow Making, Cooking and Slab) or a resource (Hunting, Sowing, Fishing, Mining and Tree Cutting), you will produce or receive more expensive items as you gain levels. Items created from raw materials have a higher rate of return.

Combat Skill

If you decide to try a combat skill (Attack, Force, Defense, Archery, Magic and Elimination on request) you will gain combat levels, therefore you become stronger and acquire the ability to fight against high level monsters. The higher the level of the monster, the greater the chance of receiving a wonderful and profitable item. Some skills (Convoke, Religion, Light Fire and … Read More

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