Day: March 22, 2020

Netflix Creates Coronavirus Relief Fund for Entertainment Industry

In an effort to aid crew members in the entertainment industry who’ve been out of work due to delayed or cancelled productions, streaming giant Netflix has set up a fund for those who are unable to earn a living while Hollywood is on hold.

Per Variety, the $100 million relief fund is meant to help the approximately 120,000 crew members who have lost their jobs over the past few weeks.

Netflix’s chief content officer Ted Sarandos relayed, in a statement, “The COVID-19 crisis is devastating for many industries, including the creative community. Almost all television and film production

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GameStop to Close All U.S. Storefronts to Comply with COVID-19 Regulations, Move to Curbside and Digital Service Only

Starting March 22, all GameStop stores located in the United States will “temporarily stop customer access to storefronts, processing orders on a digital only basis, moving to curbside pick-up at stores and eCommerce delivery only,” the company said in a statement on Saturday.

This news comes only a day after IGN originally reported that GameStop decided to close all California stores, following increased public scrutiny over their decision to consider themselves an “essential” business due to their selling of tech hardware like keyboards and webcams.

In a statement, the company said that the move to strictly curbside pickup and

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Exit the Gungeon Review (Switch eShop)

Having created one of the finest indie roguelikes of recent years in Enter The Gungeon, some might have wondered how developer Dodge Roll would follow it up. The answer, of course, is to Exit The Gungeon.

This is no direct sequel, but rather more of an extended epilogue. Having faced and killed their past, our four selectable Gungeoneer heroes must ascend from the depths of the titular dungeon before the whole supernatural edifice collapses in on itself. This is achieved not through more of the same top-down shooting, but via a succession of

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