Day: June 28, 2020

The Office Episode Featuring Blackface Has Been Edited for Netflix

A Season 9 episode of The Office, “Dwight Christmas,” is being edited for streaming to remove a scene in which a character appears in blackface.

According to Variety, the scene will be taken out of the episode while the series streams on Netflix and remain out when The Office switches streaming homes, over to NBCUniversal’s platform Peacock, in 2021.

The show’s creator Greg Daniels issued the following statement:

“The Office is about a group of people trying to work together with mutual respect despite the inappropriate actions of their boss and assistant manager,” said Daniels. “The show employed

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Dr DisRespect Permanently Banned From Twitch, Reportedly

Update 6/27 7:14 pm PT:

Beahm aka Dr Disrespect has tweeted publicly for the first time since news of his ban from Twitch surfaced.

In his first public tweets since the incident, Dr Disrespect writes that “Twitch has not notified me on the specific reason behind their decision… Firm handshakes to all for the support during this difficult time.”

Beahm’s tweets don’t clarify the situation on why he was banned in the first place, and seems to claim that Twitch has not made the reason known to Dr Disrespect either.

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Guy Beahm, better known as the streamer

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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Review (Switch)

Nihon Falcom’s long-running The Legend of Heroes series finally hits Nintendo Switch in this third entry in the epic Trails of Cold Steel story arc, a direct sequel to Trails of Cold Steel II that takes place less than two years after the Erebonian Civil War portrayed in both that game and its epic predecessor. This is an enormous, story-driven JRPG that makes fantastic use of the colossal amount of world-building work done in previous entries in the franchise to sweep fans up in 100+ hours’ worth of adventure as a host of familiar

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