Day: September 3, 2020

Bake ‘n Switch is Fun But Could Definitely Use Some More Time In The Oven

Streamline Games’ debut PC and console title, Bake ‘n Switch, provides a fun and tough challenge for up to four players, but definitely leaves us hungry for more.

Bake It ‘Til You Make It

The game has you play as a myriad of bakers, who must collect these living, breathing bun creatures and sacrifice them to the Guardian of Dough. You do so by picking these up cute monsters and throwing them into a nearby oven, either in cooperative play or against other players.


The strongest point in Bake ‘n Switch’s favour is the art style and animations, which is

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Project Athia Studio Shows Off Its Impressive Open World Engine

Luminous Productions has shown off its impressive open-world Luminous Engine, which will presumably power Project Athia, Square Enix’s upcoming exclusive PS5 game.

The video arrives as Luminous Productions developers prepare to present a series of online sessions during the Computer Entertainment Developers Conference 2020.

Lush environments are shown being built in the World Editor, with lakes and forests populating once-barren environments. The video is focused on the Luminous Engine’s approach to procedural generation – the description notes that this proprietary environment builder has the power to fill open worlds “in a natural yet intentional way.”

As well as an online

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