Day: September 10, 2020

Xbox Series X Retail Box Revealed

The Xbox Series X retail box art has been revealed.

A listing for the Xbox Series X has been spotted on Canadian consumer electronics website The Source, which features an image of the console’s box alongside press shots of the device. The main image on the box focuses on the grating at the top of the device, and symbols in the corner tout features such as the Series X’s 4K 120 FPS capabilities, the Xbox Velocity Architecture system and the console’s 1 TB SSD.


We recently learned that Xbox Series X will launch on November 10, 2020, retailing at

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Xbox Game Pass Lets You Relive The Feeling of Pirating Console Games

The major selling point for the next series of Xbox consoles is definitely the Xbox Game Pass. While Microsoft’s machine isn’t known for their exclusives, unlike their Japanese counterparts Sony and Nintendo, they are definitely focusing more on offering a bunch of games for players to enjoy anywhere and anytime.

Granted, the Series X and S consoles are also notable for their gaming prowess as well, with their multitudes of teraflops and other high-end specs, Microsoft is definitely still offering a worthy next-generation experience at a pretty decent price as well.

With the Xbox Game Pass, users are spoiled for

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Anniversary: Super Mario Maker Turns 5 Years Old Today

The original Super Mario Maker is celebrating its fifth anniversary today, after originally launching for the Wii U in Japan on 10th September, 2015.

Also appearing in Europe and North America on the following day, Super Mario Maker flipped the Mario platforming franchise on its head by giving players access to a full suite of level creation tools for the very first time. Gone were the days of simply playing whatever levels Nintendo made for us; now we were the ones making our own levels. And what a time we had.

The concept was so obvious yet so mind-boggling

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