Day: September 23, 2020

Blizzard Co-Founder Opens New Game Company, Dreamhaven, Developing Two Games

Blizzard co-founder and ex-CEO Mike Morhaime has announced Dreamhaven, a new games company with two internal development studios, each of which is working on a new game, and is headed by other Blizzard veterans.

As reported by GamesBeat and The Washington Post, Dreamhaven is designed as an overarching company – offering guidance and funding – within which development studios can open. Its first two internal studios are Moonshot and Secret Door.

Moonshot’s studio head is Jason Chayes (executive producer on Hearthstone and lead producer on StarCraft 2). He’s joined by Dustin Browder (game director on StarCraft 2, Heroes of

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Bethesda Will Run Semi-Independently Under Microsoft

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has confirmed that Bethesda will continue to run semi-independently after the company’s acquisition by Microsoft.

Speaking to CNET, Spencer made clear that, while Bethesda games will adopt some of Xbox’s new practices – including launching into Xbox Game Pass and becoming playable through game streaming – the company will retain some of the autonomy that resulted into some of the biggest games of all time: “It is about the culture of those teams,” Spencer explained. “They’re not about becoming us.”

The specifics here aren’t clear, but it seems likely that that Microsoft will

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