Month: October 2020

The Rules of Beskar Armor and More Big Questions Answered

Warning: This article contains full spoilers for The Mandalorian: Season 2, Episode 1! If you haven’t already, be sure to read our review of the Season 2 premiere.

The Mandalorian: Season 2 is finally here, and the first episode both answers some key questions about the series while raising plenty of others. What exactly are the rules of Mandalorian armor, and who’s allowed to wear it? Is that really Boba Fett in the final scene? If so, how did he survive, and how old is he supposed to be now?

Read on as we tackle some of the bigger

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How to Watch Disney+ With Friends on GroupWatch

Disney+ has a watch party feature called GroupWatch that lets you watch any available title on the streaming service with your friends and family.

If you want to watch the latest episode of The Mandalorian or just enjoy a Disney classic with distant loved ones, then check out our guide on how to set up GroupWatch, how many people can use GroupWatch at the same time, how to troubleshoot common GroupWatch issues, and more.

GroupWatch is a feature on the Disney+ app that lets you stream the same title with a group of friends.

Image credit: Disney

How to Use

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IOI Property Group Announces FIFA 21 Tournament Winner

The game has only been out for a week and the IOI Property Group, one of Malaysia’s biggest, scored a tournament that offered RM10,000 (US$2,410) in prize pool.

For more info on the event, check out our previous article here that explained the tournament mechanics, special guest appearance by professional Malaysian FIFA player Luqman “Fenrir” Haziq and more.

But here’s a quick summary to catch you up to speed…

The Recap

The ESPORTS FIFA21 CHALLENGE kicked off on 18th October with an ultimate experience that brought players and fans together in one place for a week-long adrenalin rush that saw

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Is ‘Clive’ Really The Best Name Square Enix Could’ve Chosen for Final Fantasy XVI’s Hero?

Final Fantasy XVI’s official website is live, revealing to the world the official name of the protagonist of this new mainline game, Clive Rosfield. With Square Enix’s penchant for cool-looking swordsmen with even cooler names, Clive seems like such a normal choice for a name.So, to iterate this point, IGN Southeast Asia will be comparing Clive to the rest of his fellow Final Fantasy protagonists, and see if his name is actually cool or just a little underwhelming in the grand scheme of things.

Note, the original Final Fantasy and the two online games, XI and XIV, will

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Deals: You Might Want To Switch Things Up With One Of These Licenced Cases From Numskull

If you like to take your Switch or Switch Lite on your travels, then getting a snazzy case to protect your treasured console is a must. We’ve just spotted this new range of licensed Switch cases from Numskull which are available to pre-order for delivery in November, and we just had to share.

Whether you are a fan of Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Minions, The Grinch or simply generic unicorns, Numskill has you (and your Switch) well and truly covered here.

Aside from storing your Switch safely, these cases also include compartments for up to

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Watch Dogs 2 Lead Actor Has Not Been Asked to Return for Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs 2’s lead actor, Ruffin Prentiss, has not been asked to reprise his role as Marcus Holloway for Watch Dogs Legion, all but confirming that the character will not be returning in the new game anytime soon.

After the announcement of the return of original Watch Dogs star Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs Legion, many expected Watch Dogs 2’s Marcus Holloway to make an appearance too – not least because it was the ending of the second game that teased a move to a London setting, with Marcus’ story left somewhat open-ended. However, WD2 supporting character Wrench

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