Day: October 3, 2020

Fast 9 Release Date Delayed to May 2021

UPDATE: Universal Pictures has once again delayed the theatrical release of Fast 9, but this time not as dramatically as they did back in March. Fast 9 will now open May 28, 2021, which is Memorial Day weekend in the United States.

F9 was previously slated to open April 2, 2021, after being delayed to that date from its original May 22, 2020 slot.

Our original report follows.

Universal Pictures has announced that Fast 9, the Fast and Furious sequel originally set for a release this May, will now be released in April 2021, in response to actions taken around

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Squadrons Multiplayer Review in Progress

[Editor’s Note: This review is just for Star Wars: Squadrons’ PvP multiplayer. For our full thoughts on the campaign, read our Star Wars: Squadrons single-player review.]

While the immaculately detailed ship interiors and charming characters may have been what hooked me into the Star Wars: Squadrons campaign, its light but fun PvP multiplayer is exciting for a more unexpected reason: its level design. The accessible but nuanced flight controls still stand strong, but facing off against human pilots shows just how much room there is for making tricky maneuvers around asteroids or through tight corridors. The letdown is

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