Day: October 19, 2020

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory Provides a Musical Nostalgia Trip for Longtime Fans

Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory is the latest entry in the long-running Disney and Square Enix crossover that discards the fast-paced action RPG mechanics the series is known for in favour of a new rhythm-based game style.

Longtime fans of the recent games will definitely feel attached to the excellent soundtrack supplied by composer Yoko Shimamura, as well as the many theme songs written and sung by Japanese pop-star, Utada Hikaru.

Besides the addition of iconic tracks from Disney movies and the Final Fantasy series, music has always played a huge part of Kingdom Hearts.

Simple and Clean


The game

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NBA 2K21 Quietly Adds Unskippable Ads Into Loading Screens

Advertisements have been quietly added to NBA 2K21’s loading screens, which players are unable to skip.

Stevivor is reporting that ads for the Oculus Quest 2 have appeared during pre-game loading screens in NBA 2K21. Videos show that the loading screens are longer than the ads themselves on PS4 and Xbox One, with no option to skip the adverts given until after they’ve finished being shown.

More gallingly, NBA 2K21 does offer the option to interact while matches load, allowing you to edit your lineups – but even that option is unavailable while the commercial plays.

The advertisements have been

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