Day: October 25, 2020

Drew Barrymore Video Wonders What If Her Character Had Lived

In a new promo for The Drew Barrymore Show, Barrymore has reprised her role as Scream’s Casey Becker, and asks, “Have you ever wondered what Casey Becker from Scream would be doing if she had lived?”

Barrymore shared this short video on Twitter, and it features Scream’s Ghostface texting Barrymore’s Becker and saying, “It’s that time of year… where I have to kill you!!”

However, unlike in Scream, Becker chooses not to fall for

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Next Evil Dead Film to Take Place in a City High-Rise

After three SamRaimi-directed movies, a two-season sequel series on Starz, and 2013’s soft reboot directed by Fede Alvarez, the Evil Dead franchise is moving away from its rustic roots, and its cabin-in-the-woods aesthetic, for a new bloody adventure that takes place in a big city building.

The title Evil Dead Rise was revealed this past summer by Ash Williams himself, Bruce Campbell, as well as the idea that the “upcoming movie will shake up the tried-and-tested franchise formula by deviating away from some key narrative staples, such as the classic ‘cabin in the woods’ setting.”

Director Lee Cronin expanded

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