Day: October 27, 2020

Here’s What the Console Looks Like Up Close

Previously, we could only show you the PS5 retail box, but we’re now happy to share an up close look at the PlayStation 5 console itself. Turned off and disconnected from the TV, that is.

Watch the video above or check out dozens of photos below of the PS5, including comparisons to a host of other PlayStation consoles, as well as Xbox hardware, a banana, and more:

And while we can’t show you the console plugged in just yet, we can offer our first PS5 hands-on experience with Astro’s Playroom. Read about how it incorporates the DualSense and offers

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DualSense Is a Fun Evolution

One of the most exciting unknowns about the PlayStation 5 is how its next-gen system introduces a surprising revamp of PlayStation’s long-standing controller. The DualSense’s advanced haptics and adaptive triggers are meant to better immerse players in the games the next generation will deliver, but it’s still a question of whether its added tech is a launch gimmick or a more lasting change.

Thankfully, Astro’s Playroom is a free pack-in launch game for PS5 meant to showcase what the DualSense can do. And my time with it – I was allowed to preview the Cooling Springs level – certainly hinted

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