Day: October 29, 2020

Watch Dogs 2 Lead Actor Has Not Been Asked to Return for Watch Dogs Legion

Watch Dogs 2’s lead actor, Ruffin Prentiss, has not been asked to reprise his role as Marcus Holloway for Watch Dogs Legion, all but confirming that the character will not be returning in the new game anytime soon.

After the announcement of the return of original Watch Dogs star Aiden Pearce in Watch Dogs Legion, many expected Watch Dogs 2’s Marcus Holloway to make an appearance too – not least because it was the ending of the second game that teased a move to a London setting, with Marcus’ story left somewhat open-ended. However, WD2 supporting character Wrench

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Bethesda Boss Says It’s ‘Hard to Imagine’ Elder Scrolls 6 Being Xbox-Exclusive

Bethesda Game Studios director Todd Howard has said it’s “hard to imagine” The Elder Scrolls 6 as a fully Xbox-exclusive game in a new interview that touches on many aspects of ZeniMax’s acquisition by Microsoft.

In the interview, GamesIndustry‘s James Batchelor posed the idea that seeing The Elder Scrolls 6 as exclusive was hard to imagine, particularly as The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim owes some of its huge success to the sheer number of consoles it launched on. Howard replied by saying, “I would agree that is hard to imagine,” but would say no more on the subject.


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