Day: November 14, 2020

‘No Threats’ Identified by Police After Hostage Call

Update 2: 

The Service de police de la Ville de Montreal (SPVM) has issued a statement regarding the incident that took place today at the Saint-Laurent Boulevard office building where Ubisoft Montreal is based.

In a short statement, the SPVM said it “deployed a large number of resources to answer a call for a hostage situation in a Saint-Laurent Boulevard office building.”

“The perimeter was quickly secured and the SPVM confirms that no threat has been detected and no injuries are reported.”

Investigators are now taking the statement of the evacuees from the building and are attempting to find

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Battlefront 2’s Janina Gavankar Cameoed in The Mandalorian, And You Definitely Didn’t Notice

The Star Wars galaxy might be far, far away, but it’s composed of a surprisingly tight-knit group of collaborators. For example, Janina Gavankar, who starred as Iden Versio in Star Wars: Battlefront 2, had a small part in the most recent episode of The Mandalorian. But not as Iden.

Instead, Gavankar helped puppeteer a Mon Calamari’s nostrils.

The most recent episode of The Mandalorian finds our stoic Baby Yoda dad hanging out with some new acquaintances and a Mon Calamari. This is where you’ll — well not “see” per se — but see Gavankar’s work as the second puppeteer of

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