Day: November 17, 2020

Cyberpunk 2077 Will Seemingly Be 70GB Minimum on PS4, Come on 2 Discs

Seemingly leaked packaging appears to show that Cyberpunk 2077 will come in at a minimum of 70GB on PS4, with its physical edition arriving with two discs.

Images of what appear to be the PS4 edition have been posted by Reddit user Mikeymorphin. The back of the PS4 of edition shows that the game will take up “70GB Minimum” on PS4, that it has PS4 Pro enhancements, and will support one player at launch (a multiplayer mode is coming to the game at later date). That game size is in line with the 70GB of space needed on PC

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Do Tryhards Ruin Gaming For Everyone?

Are you a tryhard? Or have you been called one? Because according to a viral TikTok video that popped up in August, you could be the reason why someone has stopped playing video games!

This Tiktok user, mobeen.momodu, became a point of contention in the world of gaming in August. Did tryhards really ruin gaming for others? Or was that all just a ‘salty’ rant for people who needed to “get good”?

Even Ninja had something to say about it, and he basically deflected the sentiment in an interestingly philosophical way by saying, “there’s always something to learn, and

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Goodsmile’s Latest Splatoon 2 Figma Action Figures Are Off The Hook, Pre-Orders Open


Cutesy toy makers Goodsmile have opened pre-orders for the latest set of Splatoon 2 figma action figures, and these are really off the hook.

Pop idol duo Pearl and Marina, fan-favourite characters from the latest kid-squid-shooter on Switch, are now available to pre-order. They’re due to release in July 2021, both coming with a stand and measuring approximately 90mm and 100mm in height respectively.

You can grab a pre-order here if you’re based in the US or Canada, here for Japan, and more details can be found here if you live elsewhere. They look pretty great, sure, but they’re

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