Series Veteran ‘Hwang’ Makes a Playable Return in Soulcalibur VI Season 2 DLC

Soulcalibur VI’s second season is coming to an end and is closing off with a bang as series veteran, Hwang, makes his valiant return to the franchise as the final DLC character for the season.

Hwang Seong-gyeong has been a playable character within the franchise from the very first game, Soul Edge. He has always been characterised as a spirited swordsman who uses single-handed blades like scimitars and falchions.

He was a series staple up until Soulcalibur III, when he was quietly phased out and replaced by his pupil and clone character, Yun-seong.

Hwang’s revamped look and moveset has him

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Uri Geller to Allow Nintendo to Use Kadabra on Pokemon Cards Again

After nearly 20 years, illusionist and magician Uri Geller has given Nintendo permission to once again use Kadabra on Pokemon cards.

Geller, who is perhaps most well-known for his ability to bend spoons with his mind, sued Nintendo in 2000 and asked that Kadabra no longer be allowed to be put on Pokemon cards due to the similarity of Kadabra’s spoon and Japanese name to himself.

In Japan, Kadabra is written in certain variations that include Yungerer and Yungeller, which are both similar sounding to Geller.

Now, almost 20 years after Kadabra’s last appearance on a Pokemon card in 2003,

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AC Valhalla and Yorkshire John Lennon

Joe, Dale and Cardy are back and have spent a collective 100 hours swinging axes in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, so it’s time discuss everything we love about it without venturing into spoiler territory. Because The Firm™ is once again assembled, we also decided to chat a little next-gen FIFA, Football Manager 2021 and the career of new Coventry City loanee, Lee Camp.

We also have a hotly contested edition of The Endless Search and respond to some of your lovely feedback. Remember, if you want to get in touch with the podcast, please do: [email protected]

IGN UK Podcast #567: AC

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The Mandalorian Makes Major Baby Yoda Reveal

The Child, known to most as Baby Yoda, has been a mysterious figure for much of The Mandalorian’s run, but Chapter 13 gave him a huge bit of backstory.

Major spoilers for The Mandalorian, Chapter 13 follow. I have spoken.

Disney insists on calling him The Child, the Internet’s called him Baby Yoda for a year, but we now know that Din Djarin’s foundling is in fact called Grogu.

We also learned a little about where Grogu (it’s going to take a while to get used to that) was before his fall into Empire hands. After communing telepathically with the

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Joss Whedon Explains Why He Just Quit His New HBO Series The Nevers

Joss Whedon has announced that he is stepping down from HBO’s upcoming sci-fi series The Nevers, citing various reasons for his decision in “this year of unprecedented challenges.”

In a statement released to CinemaBlend, Whedon explained that the taxing nature of working on such a project during the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic had taken a toll on his energy levels, as he confirmed that he would be officially exiting the series, on which he was serving as writer, director, executive producer, and showrunner.

“This year of unprecedented challenges has impacted my life and perspective in ways I could never

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‘Hades’ is Hard To Beat and That’s Okay. Here Are Some Tips For You

Some games are meant to be hard to master – from your Dark Souls to your Crash Bandicoots, these games were made to put your skills to the test in every shape or form.

Hades by Supergiant Games has somehow joined the ranks of difficult games to conquer while retaining delightful story elements that encourage players to try a new run again and again. Ultimately, the goal is to help out Zagreus in his quest to escape the underworld and defeat his father Hades, no matter how many times it takes.

The game has since become a juggernaut, emerging as

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