Cheat Trainers: The History of Online Games Cheating

As long as there are games, cheating will always be a part of it, and video or online games are no exception to the rule. While these cheat codes are usually used in single-player programs to help overcome challenging stages in the programs or help make it more interesting, it is a different matter when you are competing in the online gaming world.

Although multiplayer programs are intended to be a contest of strategy and skills, most, if not all players won’t settle for anything other than the winner. Online programs have been a paradise for a lot of cheaters in some ways since you can remain anonymous while playing; the technology is very challenging to secure and hacks used to spread a lot quicker in the Internet world.

The motivation for using cheats can range from wanting to gain an advantage or an edge against their opponents, needing to awe friends, wanting to waste the game for other online players, to wanting to earn game currency to be sold on eBay.

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History of game cheating

Aside from the absence of cheating codes in multiplayer versions of most online programs, some of the earliest online games were seldom designed to help prevent hacking or cheating. After all, playing first-person shooter games with other people on the Internet was almost a miracle a few decades ago, never mind, making sure that no player was tinkering with the software.

But it was not long before the availability of cheating codes started to have negative impacts on the gameplay. If you are playing Team Fortress or Counter-Strike in the mid to late-90s, you still probably remember the time when there is a lot of cheaters playing. There are more cheaters than non-cheaters in the game. Using a small arsenal of cheats and hacks was considered as a simple “evening the odds” type of thing.

When these multiplayer programs become a haven for cheaters, truthful people will stop playing or they will limit their playing community to a password-protected match between family members and friends that they trust. As a matter of fact, some online games have seen a considerable arrival of players because of cheating. AoE or Age of Empires comes into mind, as well as America’s Army when it became almost unplayable before the introduction of Punkbuster.

Multiplayer online games, as well as poker rooms, are also targeted by hackers and cheaters, specifically when the event where the money is involved. The community has been at the forefront of every effort to keep the competitiveness fairer to every player. Server administrators have long been disseminating a list of possible or known cheaters and performing ways to check client files for any alterations.

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People started looking for a more comprehensive approach to fight this problem. Lastly, they are looking for any possible solutions like Punkbuster software. It is now used by a lot of retail titles, making the software the most common anti-cheat program used in the online action programs.

Subscription games have more at risk compared to others since a loss of players will mean loss of income. They have had to make capturing the cheaters their priority right from the get-go, but they also need to have the advantage of controlling the program’s servers. When the problem is discovered, it is very easy to make any changes and ban the offenders.

Today’s Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games operate under the vigilant eyes of the designers, and it is still impossible to make sure that no dishonest activities are going on. Most people can hope for is these shady activities will be discovered sooner or later and corrected as soon as possible.

How gamers cheat

The bad news is, there are a lot of ways to cheat these programs. One usual form is to cooperate with other people or members of the opposing team. It is not difficult to use messaging or communication software outside the programs to gain an edge over the other players.

The effectiveness of the cheat trainers varies from platform to platform, but there is no way to stop it. While cooperation with other players might increase the player’s odds, it will not give you godlike reflexes or powers in the platform you are playing, which is why file modifications, aiming proxies or hacks, are very popular.

This kind of cheating usually involves altering and modifying the data files or software in ways like changing the appearance of other players so that they become visible through the walls or the other players glow brightly. Proxy servers have been used to put particular instructions into the stream when it goes to the server, giving people excellent to superhuman aim.

In most cases, these hacks are the result of modifying or reverse-engineering the program and ends up circulating on the Internet. At the end of the day, it is satisfying to win while following the rules, but an advantage is still an advantage, and that’s how the world of gaming works.