PUBG Mobile Spreads Christmas Cheer With ‘Frost Festival’

In conjunction with the year-end holiday season, PUBG Mobile has released a new winter-themed update called “Frost Festival”, which features a Holiday Market, special presents under the tree, snow experience, as well as a special event.

Besides the holiday-themed decorations, player can also earn permanent rewards and unexpected surprises. All they have to do is search under trees and look for holiday presents. Players can also visit the Holiday Market for magical holiday surprises and collect winter coins in the Frost Adventure to redeem special rewards.

Additionally, new outfits have been added to the game, including the Snow Fashionista Set, Wishing Treeman Set, as well as the Lover Set, which has been designed to look like our favourite text emojis. There will also be a slew of emoji-related equipment, not to mention a special event to from December 24 to January 10 next year.

In the new Frost Festival event mode, players from all over the world will get to experience a unique version of the Erangel battle royale map, which now has interactive and explorable wintry locations, snowy monuments, themed decorations and more.

Players can explore three frost castles that randomly spawn throughout the Erangel map and an arsenal of military-grade equipment, which can be looted for advantageous supplies.

There are also icy zones that offer a unique combat-altering experience. Players can also traverse the frozen tundra to collect snowmen and snow chickens, which can both be used as statues for quick cover from enemy fire. The Frost Festival mode is available for a limited time and is accessible by selecting the Erangel event mode in the PUBG Mobile main menu.

In addition to the frosty structures added throughout PUBG Mobile’s Erangel map, several festive features have been added, including the Slick Snowboards. At the beginning of each event match, all players receive a rideable snowboard that can be activated with the backpack button to quickly travel and jump over obstacles. Through this feature, players can experience snowboarding in frosty fields and riding snow vehicles in a winter nuance. To provide a more realistic holiday atmosphere, Erangel has been fitted with beautiful cosmetic changes to celebrate the season, including decorated buildings, fireplaces, Christmas trees and even the flare gun is also updated with additional holiday flair.

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