Stranger Things: ‘Season 4 Is Bigger, Bolder, and More Intricate’

Season 4 of Netflix’s Stranger Things will be bigger than its previous seasons, according to Netflix Vice President of Physical Production Momita SenGupta (via Deadline).

SenGupta and another Netflix physical production vice president, Patty Whitcher, sat down for a fireside chat with Deadline’s Mike Fleming Jr., and SenGupta teased some of what Stranger Things fans can expect in the upcoming season.

“Season 4 is bigger, bolder and more intricate than ever,” SenGupta said. “So this is the first time the show will be traveling beyond Atlanta.”

The first three seasons of Stranger Things were shot in Atlanta, but portions of Season 4 were shot in New Mexico, Deadline reports. According to Deadline, Netflix purchased Albuquerque Studios in New Mexico in 2018, committing to spend more than $1 billion on production on Netflix movies and shows there over the next decade. The company has already spent over $150 million, Deadline reports, and has employed 2000 vendors alongside 1600 cast and crew members.

What the new shooting location for Stranger Things means is still to be seen. SenGupta wouldn’t share if any of Stranger Things’ Jim Hopper’s Russian-set scenes were shot in the state.

“If I told you that, I would be disappearing into the Witness Protection Program,” SenGupta said.

She did share, however, that Netflix’s new facilities in New Mexico “lent themselves to the story” being told in Season 4. A release date for Season 4 of Stranger Things is currently unknown, but we have some theories on when the show will return.

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