The Animated Series Star Kevin Conroy to Reprise Iconic Role for Live Comic Book Reading

Actor Kevin Conroy will be returning to the world of Batman: The Animated Series, but with a slight twist. According to DC, Conroy will be performing a live reading of a new comic called Batman: The Adventures Continue.

The reading will take place on Thursday, April 9 at 10am PST and will be broadcast on DC’s Instagram page.

For those not familiar with The Adventures Continue, this new digital-first comic book series is designed as a continuation of Batman: The Animated Series. Along with an accompanying toy line from DC Direct, The Adventures Continue will introduce a number of major characters into the DC Animated Universe, including Jason Todd, Deathstroke and Azrael. The series is written by BTAS producers Alan Burnett and Paul Dini, with art from former Batman Adventures artist Ty Templeton.

Batman: The Adventures Continue – Chapter 1 was released digitally on April 1. Chapter 2 is scheduled to arrive on April 15. While DC will eventually release print versions of the series, the recent shutdown of Diamond Comic Distributors will likely delay their release schedule. DC has said it’s exploring a “multi-distributor model” in order to resume shipping new comics to stores during the COVID-19 pandemic, but so far no concrete plans have been announced.

This is just the latest example of Conroy returning to his most iconic role. Conroy recently got the chance to play a live-action version of Bruce Wayne for the first time during The CW’s Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover.

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