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What Makes EPC Important When it Comes to Affiliate Marketing

A business that does not have tangible means used to measure success is the one that is operated by an affiliate marketer. In many cases, affiliate marketers measure their success through sales only. You can determine whether your efforts are bearing results using other metrics and not only through sales. EPC is one of those metrics that can help you know whether your efforts are effective. The meaning of EPC, how effective it is, how to interpret numbers and also how to calculate the metric are some of the things that I will talk about in this article. Even if other affiliate partners can help you with this number, how to calculate it without being helped is very important. You should continue reading this guide if you would like to know more about EPC.

The word that is used to represent earnings per click is EPC. The payment model that is used to pay affiliate marketers is the one that is called earnings per click. Their affiliate partners or merchants will pay them if only they generate clicks. If you are hired as an affiliate marketer by a merchant, your job will be to advertise and get your links out on the web. If the link you share is clicked by a potential customer, he or she is directed to the website of your affiliate partner. If the affiliate partner or merchant is promoting a product, he or she will send you a personal link to the product so that you can advertise it online. The product page will be visited because you will be directed there after you have clicked the personal link. Affiliate marketers are sent the personal link so that when their clients click in the product page the amazon knows who referred them.

Even though many customers can click the link you will share, not all of them buy the products you are marketing. You will earn more commission if the clients buy products of the affiliate partner you are working with. Earnings per click is the total commission you earn after selling a product dividend by the total clicks for the link. Because of that reason, if you want to earn more cash, you have to make sure those who click your link buy the products.

Earnings per click is calculated with multiples of 100s. The EPC will show you how much you have earned if you generate 100 clicks. Because of that reason, it helps you know how much you get paid for advertising cost for 100 clicks. If you calculate the earnings of your affiliate marketers using EPC, you will know whether the cost of advertising benefits your business.
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