10 Best Multiplayer Games To Get For Christmas

Christmas is almost here and while we may not be able to see our friends and family members physically, we can all still bond and enjoy the holidays together through video games. Of course, you have to have the same games to play them together, so here are ten multiplayer titles you can buy as gifts for your friends and family members this Christmas:

Stardew Valley

While Animal Crossing is the definitive quarantine multiplayer game for the first half of the year, Stardew Valley is a great alternative to it, especially since you can play with friends who do not own a Nintendo Switch. Four-player farming and exploring is definitely a great time during the holidays.

Moving Out

If you find Overcooked to be a little too stressful, Moving Out provides the same kind of gameplay but has you moving furniture into a moving van. It’s definitely way less stressful than a kitchen, and emphasises teamwork just a little more.

Worms Rumble

If you spent most of your childhood playing Worms with your friends, this new battle royale twist on the formula is a lot of fun with the right pals. The classic worms aesthetics is there, complete with all the wacky weapons that we all adore.


Hey Siri, can a ghost shank you?

This game is a Twitch staple and provides hours of scares and thrills for an early access game. Nonetheless, if you miss watching horror movies with your friends, Phasmophobia is a great alternative and lets you actually experience being in a horror movie together.

Minecraft Dungeons

An isometric action-RPG in the vein of Diablo, Minecraft Dungeons has a lot of charm to it and can bring back the highs of Diablo 2 for players of all ages. The added crossplay between PC and Xbox One is also a plus for groups of friends that have different video game setups.

Fall Guys


With Season 3’s winter theme, now’s the best time to jump into Fall Guys with your closest friends. 3D platformers with four player multiplayer are hard to come by, and Fall Guys is definitely not as punishing as other battle royale, making for a fun time for all ages.

World War Z


If you miss the days of playing Left For Dead over LAN, World War Z provides a polished, modern take. Each player will get to choose between a handful of classes, making everyone a specialist against specific obstacles. The zombie horde that you battle is also unlike any other game before.


The best way to describe Absolver is that it is Dark Souls with kungfu and you can play with three people in a party together. If you want a more intimate and intense gaming experience with your closest friends, this game might just scratch that itch.

Star Wars Squadrons

Bravely toeing the line between full-on nostalgia and fulfilling every Star Wars fan’s fantasy of flying X-Wings with their friends, Squadrons manages to achieve this in spades. Join matches with up to three friends, and have fun fighting as either the Rebels or the Empire in iconic battles from the original trilogy.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection

For a bang for your buck, look no further than the Master Chief Collection, which has every Halo game up to Halo 4. Whether you want to go through the campaign with your pals, or would want to create whole new levels and game modes together in Forge, Halo still remains as one of the first-person shooters to bond over with.

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