Day: March 16, 2020

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Stars Support the Early Release of Final Season

With folks practicing “social distancing” and “self-quarantine,” many are now looking for TV shows and movies to distract themselves. While some people and publications have streaming/binging recommendations — like James Gunn’s 10 favorite underrated films to our own list of feel-good movies — companies like Disney are releasing movies to digital early – like Frozen 2 and Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

With that in mind, a Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD fan on Twitter suggested the Disney drop Season 7, the show’s final 13-episode run, which is due out this summer, early for those staying indoors to binge.

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Syder Reloaded Review (Switch eShop)

The Defender-style free-scrolling shmup sub-genre has always had a lot of untapped potential, and while some free-scrolling shmups like Fantasy Zone and Black Bird have garnered a fanbase of admirers, the style of allowing the player to control the movement of the screen still feels unexplored.

Syder Reloaded is another take on this gameplay idea that brings a new feel and concept in comparison to its peers. When first playing the game, we noticed some definite Gradius V vibes in terms of the style and feel of the presentation. The graphics look like an

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From When Are We to Where Are We?

Westworld returns to HBO for its third season this week, with the series pivoting from its Old West theme park setting — as well as last season’s Shogunworld side trip — to the “real world” of the show. With Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) having escaped the park at the end of Season 2, she is now ready to take on humanity on her own terms in a near-future version of Los Angeles, even while Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) is on the run, accused of the massacre that took place at the Delos park, and Maeve (Thandie Newton) finds herself in an

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