Day: March 24, 2020

The Story Behind Those Adorable Penguins Going for a Walk Around the Aquarium

You’ve probably seen the adorable video of the Chicago-based Shedd Aquarium penguins going for a leisurely stroll around the aquarium’s many exhibits.

After the Shedd Aquarium closed its doors in Chicago on March 13 in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a video of rockhopper penguin Wellington spread like wildfire across social media. Thanks for a report from Polygon, we now know this is a regular occurrence for the penguins as part of the their standard exercise and enrichment program.

“They are familiar with many places within the Shedd Aquarium,” Shedd’s Senior Director of Animal Behavior and Training Steve

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New Photo of Wonder Woman From Justice League: Mortal Surfaces

More photos from Justice League: Mortal have appeared online courtesy of a filmmaker trying to create a documentary about the abandoned DC movie.

Ryan Unicomb, who released an image of Armie Hammer’s Batman cowl on Tuesday, uploaded three more Justice League images to his Instagram page. Two of those images are cropped versions of an image released in 2018, but the third is a new look at Megan Gale’s Wonder Woman that differs from the images from 2015.

In the caption, the filmmaker said he can’t share anything more for now and there isn’t much excitement for

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Wunderling Review (Switch eShop) | Nintendo Life

Since the advent of platform gaming, the genre has come on leaps and bounds. Although some (this writer included) would argue that many titles overcomplicate their gameplay, introducing unnecessary additions that threaten to overwhelm younger gamers. Thankfully then, Wunderling is perhaps one of the most accessible platform titles in years, albeit with challenging level design that will gradually test your abilities to their limit. Combine this with beautiful pixelated graphics and Wunderling is one of the most accomplished platform games available on the Switch – no, really.

With a plot that flips genre conventions on

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