Day: May 15, 2020

Here’s Where You Can Watch Scoob! When It Premieres

Scooby-Doo and the gang were scheduled to return to the big screen this month but that all changed when theater doors closed and movie delays followed over coronavirus concerns. Following in the footsteps of Trolls World Tour, the mystery-busting crew will instead be joining viewers for a night in and some Scooby Snacks as Warner Bros’ Scoob! goes from theatrical release to video on demand (VOD).

Directed by Tony Cervone, Scoob! tells the origin story of how Scooby-Doo met Shaggy, how the lovable duo became best friends, and went on to join Velma, Daphne, and Fred to form Mystery

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May 2020’s Nintendo Switch Online NES and SNES Games Announced

Nintendo has announced that NES’ Rygar and SNES’ Wild Guns, Panel de Pon, and Operation Logic Bomb will be added to Nintendo Switch Online on May 20, 2020.

These titles will bring the total NES and SNES titles on Nintendo Switch Online to 82, and are the first additions since Nintendo added Pop’n TwinBee, Smash Tennis, Shadow of the Ninja, and Eliminator Boat Duel in February.

Rygar was released on NES in 1986 and was originally an arcade game in Japan called Warrior of Argus. The official description from Nintendo is as follows;

An old legend proclaimed, “When the peaceful

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Nintendo Expands The Switch Online SNES And NES Service With Four More Titles

It’s been quite a while since Nintendo updated its Switch Online service. Fortunately, it’s now announced three SNES games and one NES game will be arriving next week, on 20th May.

The three SNES titles include Wild Guns, Operation Logic Bomb, and perhaps the highlight of the lot – Panel de Pon. This is the first time this particular version will be made available in the US. It was originally released on the Super Famicom in 1995 and is better known locally as Tetris Attack. Last of all is the classic side-scrolling, exploration-based NES platformer, Rygar

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