Day: June 3, 2020

Mandopop Star JJ Lin Hosts Team SMG Community Cup Esports

With everyone locked indoors, everyone has been turning to esports as a form of entertainment. Last weekend, popular Mandopop star, JJ Lin and his esports team, Team SMG hosted their first Community Cup in partnership with #SGPlays.

The two-day Community Cup attracted 400 players who signed up for the tournament, which garnered around 25,000 viewers throughout last weekend.

To ensure that the tournament was handled smoothly, GamelinG, an online gaming platform in Southeast Asia, helped facilitate the event as well as keep users updated on leaderboards, live results and more.

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Get Up To 93% Off These Digital Switch Games

The Nintendo Switch is an incredible system. Not only can it play many modern games, but it can also play them portably. Whether you’ve been a launch-day owner, you’ve been one of the few lucky enough to get a Switch in recent months, or anything in between, you may be on the lookout for more great games to play.

Right now, Nintendo is hosting a sale on some great digital games on the eShop, so grab an eShop card and check out our list below to be playing something new in no time.

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