Day: June 6, 2020

Fantastic Four Director Josh Trank’s Biggest Regret Is That He Didn’t Cast a Black Actress as Sue Storm

Fantastic Four director Josh Trank says his biggest regret about his infamous 2015 comic book movie is that he backed down over his intent to cast a black actress as Susan Storm, aka the Invisible Woman, after receiving “pretty heavy¬†pushback” from studio 20th Century Fox.

In a chat with Geeks of Color, Trank revealed he wanted the entire Storm family to be played by black actors. In the end, Michael B. Jordan played Johnny Storm opposite Reg E. Cathey as his dad Franklin Storm, with Kate Mara cast as Sue, Franklin’s adopted daughter.

While Trank didn’t name any

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IGN Readers Have Picked the Best Star Wars Character of All Time

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been running Best Star Wars Character of All Time face-offs. And now we have the ultimate winner, as chosen by you, the IGN reader!

First we ran a face-off where 200 of the most recognizable canon Star Wars characters faced off.¬†Everyone from Han Solo to The Mandalorian to Wicket W. Warrick went head to head and it wasn’t pretty! From there the top 25 winners then entered a second face-off, and when the dust had settled, our winners were chosen.

So who took the top spot? Drumroll please…

Perhaps not surprisingly,

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Fly Punch Boom! Review (Switch eShop)

You’re not ready for Fly Punch Boom. No really, you’re not. You might think you were born to play a game that essentially throws you into an anime royal rumble, but neither your eyes nor your reactions are up to the task. Not yet. It’s going to take time to acclimatise to Fly Punch Boom’s level of madcap hyper-kinetic arena-brawler action. Thankfully, it’s well worth the effort, and you’ll have a lot of fun in the process.

Imagine a game of Smash Bros. where every character was a super-powered free-flying Demi-god, capable of flicking meteors into the face

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