Day: November 3, 2020

Origins Pushed Western Role-Playing Games Into The Limelight

Before Dragon Age: Origins, western RPGs were a mixed bag and definitely not the cultural juggernaut that it is now. Final Fantasy broke role-playing conventions with their seventh entry and, for a while, Japanese role-playing games reigned supreme.

That was until Bioware made a firm and clear distinction between Western and Japanese RPGs with their stints on the Dungeons and Dragons franchise, and their two Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games, which the stage for a major renaissance of Western RPGs, beginning with their very own IP, Dragon Age.


Dragon Age: Origins took the game mechanic and

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Warzone Won’t Shift Engine, Even Though Black Ops Cold War Has

Call of Duty: Warzone won’t be switching engine when it welcomes content from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – even though Black Ops Cold War uses a new engine itself.

A verified Activision Art Lead revealed the news on ResetEra. “There will not be an engine shift for WZ,” writes ShutterMunster, in response to a comment chain about the future of the battle royale game.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War runs on a new engine, but it looks like Warzone won’t be making the switch, despite the fact that weapons, operators and loadouts from the

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Nintendo Reveals The Top 15 Most-Downloaded Switch Games In October 2020 (Europe)

The eShop’s biggest games.

Nintendo has shared an updated list of the most-downloaded Switch eShop games of the month across Europe, this time covering October 2020. This time around, an indie favourite has managed to secure top spot.

Yes, beating Super Mario 3D All-Stars to the punch this week is the wonderful Hades, which also happened to be voted as the Nintendo Life eShop game of the month back in September. Minecraft is also still going strong just below them, with the rest of the list being made up of familiar names.

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