Day: November 7, 2020

Tom Holland Posts First Photo From Set

The next Spider-Man movie has started filming and star Tom Holland has shared the first, albeit cheeky, photo from the set of him reprising the role of Spider-Man.

In what appears to be the first photos from the set of the third Spider-Man movie, Holland is seen wearing his black and red suit from Spider-Man: Far From Home. Over his Spider-Man mask, however, he’s wearing another mask.

“Wear a mask, I’m wearing two,” Holland writes in the Instagram captions.

A third Spider-Man movie was almost in doubt after Sony and Disney failed to reach an initial agreement that would

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PS5 Lets You Automatically Turn Subtitles On for All Your Games

The PlayStation 5 comes with a variety of accessibility options, including the option to create custom presets so all your games play similarly when you first boot them up. That means, for example, if you prefer playing with subtitles on, you can make it so that subtitles will be turned on by default for each new PS5 game.

Sony revealed the preset options during a tour of its UI and settings earlier this week. Now that we can talk more in-depth about the PS5, we know exactly how presets work and what players can change.

To configure your PS5 presets

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Site News: Nintendo Life Turns 15 Today

Today marks fifteen years since our Nintendo Life began, and five years since I wrote about our ten-year anniversary, which feels like only yesterday. Back in 2015, Nintendo was teasing us with NX and games for mobile phones as interest really started to wain in the criminally-misunderstood Wii U. We wouldn’t say it was the darkest time for Nintendo, but it was pretty grim.

Fast forward to the present, and it’s fair to say it’s been an incredible five years for Nintendo, and for Nintendo Life. We’ve grown substantially in that time, and not just in terms of

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