Day: November 19, 2020

UK Retailer Cancels PS5 Launch Day Sales Amid Issues for Multiple Companies

PS5’s second launch day – arriving in Europe and other territories today – has led to issues for many UK retailers, with websites crashing, early orders cancelled, and delivery companies being blamed for potential later deliveries. It’s been bad enough, in fact, that Currys PC World has entirely cancelled its planned launch day sales.

Sony has released new stock to UK retailers today, leading to a rush for purchases. Among them is major tech retailer Currys PC World, which, according to IGN sister site and the IGN UK Deals Twitter account has been suffering websaite problems all morning.


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Veteran World of Warcraft Game Designer Leaves Blizzard, Says He’s Unhappy With the Game

A veteran World of Warcraft designer has left Blizzard, citing disillusionment with the current state of the game.

As reported by PC Gamer, Blizzard’s Chris Kaleiki spent 13 years at Blizzard before leaving, working mostly on class design and PVP, acting as the main designer for the Monk class.

However, in a YouTube video posted to his personal channel, Kaleiki now says that he is “unhappy with the state of the (modern) game,” which he describes as “muddled.”

Kaleiki’s main argument centres around the lessening importance of guilds, as he believes that the focus has shifted to the

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EA Ignores Nintendo Fans Yet Again As FIFA 21 David Beckham Freebie Skips Switch

In frustratingly familiar news, EA has once again shown a depressing lack of commitment to its audience on Switch as the console misses out on a popular new FIFA 21 treat.

The company has unveiled that football legend David Beckham will be making a surprise appearance in the game’s FIFA Ultimate Team mode; fans who play the game by 15th January 2021 will be treated to “an untradeable, one-of-a-kind David Beckham Item” to add to their squad for free.

It’s a nice touch for footie fans looking to boost their squad, but as you’ve probably guessed by now, the offer

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