Day: January 2, 2021

The Latest COVID-19 Bill Includes a 180-Day Countdown for UFO Disclosures

The $2.3 trillion COVID-19 relief and government funding bill signed by United States President Donald Trump includes a 180-day countdown for the Pentagon and spy agencies to reveal what they know about UFOs.

As reported by New York Post, this countdown was not part of the original 5,593-page legislation, but was a “committee comment” that was attached to the annual intelligence authorization act and then put into the COVID-19 bill.

The Senate Intelligence Committee said in a comment that it “directs the [director of national intelligence], in consultation with the Secretary of Defense and the heads of such other agencies

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The Best Games of the PS4/Xbox One Generation

Despite somewhat rocky beginnings for both platforms, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One became home to some of the most celebrated games of all time. While we’re all excited to see what the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S have in store, we’d be remiss if we didn’t take a proper look back at the era we’re leaving behind.

Though we were tempted to try and formally rank them, it’s obvious that there are just too many amazing games to crown one as “the best”. So after extensive internal debate among practically the whole IGN staff, we came up with a

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Random: Doomguy And Animal Crossing’s Isabelle See In The New Year Together On Twitter

Perhaps the most unlikely duo in 2020 was Doomguy and Isabelle. It all started when DOOM Eternal got delayed until 20th March, knocking the release date back to the same day as Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The internet thought it was a match made in Heaven (and Hell) even if the two game worlds were far apart, and Animal Crossing’s game director Aya Kyogoku praised the unity of the two fanbases – mentioning how thrilled she was to see this type of communication.

With all this in consideration, it only seems fitting the characters from these two insanely

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