Day: January 12, 2021

AEW Console Game Will Feature Campaign, Multiplayer, and Create-a-Wrestler, But No GM Mode

The AEW console game will feature campaign, multiplayer, create-a-wrestler, and “various other unusual modes”, but won’t include a GM mode, according to executive vice president of All Elite Wrestling Kenny Omega – who also revealed that he joined AEW on the condition that he’d be a part of its gaming division, and talked through the game’s retro influences.

In an interview with IGN Japan, Omega explained that a lot of the details are still under discussion, but that the console game will include a campaign mode in addition to multiplayer. He said that the General Manager mode will not

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Riot and Bungie File Lawsuit Against Cheat-Making Company

Riot and Bungie have joined forces to file a lawsuit against a cheat-making company alleged to have produced software hacks for Valorant and Destiny 2.

As reported by Polygon, Riot and Bungie’s lawyers filed a complaint against ‘GatorCheats’ in the Central District of California court on January 8th. You can read the full lawsuit here on Scribd.

“The success of Plaintiff’s Games depends on them being enjoyable and fair for all players, and plaintiffs spend an enormous amount of time and money to ensure this is the case,” the lawsuit reads. “Defendants’ sale and distribution of the cheating software

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You Can Talk To The Dead Via Your Game Boy In Indie Horror Sally Face, Launching On Switch Next Week

Between games like Stardew Valley and Iconoclasts, we’ve seen a few efforts by solo developers on Switch so far. Joining their ranks next week is Sally Face, which is set to launch on January 21st.

Featuring a hand-drawn visual style and developed by Steve Gabry – AKA: Portable Moose – this indie game first launched four years ago on PC as a five-part episodic adventure.

Described as a “dark adventure” game, Sally Face follows the story of Sal “Sally Face” Fisher, a boy with a prosthetic face and deals with some intense subject matter that includes suicide, murder

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