All The Free Games From Epic Games Store Until Dec 31

Last week, social media was abuzz after a purported list of Epic Games Store’s (EGS) free games giveaway made the rounds. The list featured many triple-A titles like Dying Light, Far Cry 5, Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, among others.

When December 17 arrived, the list was proven to be be fake after Cities Skyline, a modern take on the classic city simulation, was released as the first free game on EGS. The online storefront will release a new game at the stroke of midnight every day, and gamers have exactly 24 hours to claim them for free.

According to TechNave, a second list has been leaked and so far, it matches up with the games that have been made free these past few days. After Cities Skyline, the following games were Oddworld: New n Tasty, The Long Dark and Defence Grid.

If the list is to be trusted (take it with a grain of salt), the next free game today will be Alien: Isolation, a 2014 stealth and horror game that is know for its art direction and sound design, which dutifully nail the vibe of Ridley Scott’s original 1979 film. The next game in the Christmas List will be Metro 2033, another first-person shooter survival horror video game that was released in 2010.

  1. December 17: Cities Skyline
  2. December 18: Oddworld New n Tasty
  3. December 19: The Long Dark
  4. December 20: Defense Grid
  5. December 21: Alien Isolation
  6. December 22: Metro 2033
  7. December 23: Tropico 5
  8. December 24: Inside
  9. December 25: Darkest Dungeon
  10. December 26: My Time in Portia
  11. December 27: Night in the Woods
  12. December 28: Stranded Deep
  13. December 29: Solitairica
  14. December 30: Torchlight II
  15. December 31: Jurassic World Evolution

Even if the list is inaccurate, you can always visit EGS and monitor what free games are out next and decide if you want to redeem them. If none of them strike your fancy, you can buy other games for a discount of up to 75{bf14f737cd1ca3fc31bdd1cfb982590ff94e28a4e7cf2d0b0291f551d573d8c7} in conjunction with EGS’s Holiday Sale.

The storefront is also offering a free US$10 voucher, but it can only be used on games that are priced US$15 and above.

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