KuCoin IGO Global Premiere! Pikaster Is Now Available on KuCoin, Limited Sale of 18,000 Genesis NFTs

Welcome to the 1st KuCoin IGO – Pikaster Genesis Mystery Egg! web-access preferred

Users will be able to directly purchase their favorite Pikaster NFT (Egg) on KuCoin with just one click. Each Pikaster-themed Original Egg contains a random Pikaster NFT. Players with 1 Pikaster NFT will get access to the Closed BETA Test. With 3 Pikasters, players can enter the battlefield and earn more rewards by playing games (PVP, PVE, and more).

Pikaster Genesis Mystery Eggs Terms:

  • Total Pikaster NFTs: 18,000 Eggs (first come, first served) + 10 Evolved Eggs
  • IGO Period: 2022/04/11 12:00:00 – 2022/04/17 12:00:00 (UTC)
  • NFT Sale Format: Whitelisting
Price Items Available Purchase Limit
Pikaster Original Eggs Pre-Sale Round 1 (sold out) 30 USDT 3,000 2 Eggs for each account
Pikaster Original Eggs Round 2 (whitelisted required) 60 USDT 15,000 5 Eggs for each account
Evolved Pikaster Eggs Auction (Round 3) Highest price will be determined by
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