November 26, 2023

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Company Of Heroes 3 Is Deploying Onto PS5 And Xbox Series X|S In May

After launching earlier this year on PC, Company of Heroes 3 will be ported to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on May 30. Developed by Relic Entertainment, this is the latest game in the World War II real-time strategy series and is set in the Mediterranean and North Africa theatres of war that saw some of the bloodiest battles waged between the Allied and Axis forces.

For the console version, Relic says that players can expect a custom UI, full controller support, and special features that allow them to play at their own pace. The user interface has been modified for controllers, and the optional tactical pause option from the PC version will be ported over.

This gameplay feature allows players to freeze the gameplay, accurately plan their attacks, and queue those actions up to see them unfold in real-time.

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