Dotemu Apologises For Confusion Caused By Different Physical Editions Of Streets Of Rage 4

Last week, another physical edition of Streets of Rage 4 was revealed to the public. This didn’t go down particularly well with a number of fans who had already forked out for the Limited Run version. As a result of this, Dotemu has now released a statement apologising to both Limited Run and fans for the missteps it made. You can read it in full below:

Streets Of Rage 4 Apology

In a follow-up tweet, Dotemu clarified it was apologising for any confusion caused by the different physical editions and the timing of it all:

As noted in the original statement, to make up for this – all Limited Edition orders will receive a free Steam key, and all orders will receive a complimentary soundtrack CD of the game’s OST, including an exclusive remix by the composer Tee Lopes.

Do you think the extra goodies make up for this? Share your thoughts below.

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