Forces Unite!’ Now Available in Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines

Garena, in collaboration with manga publisher Kodansha, has announced that FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! is now available for download in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

The free-to-play mobile RPG is based on the popular Japanese manga series FAIRY TAIL by Hiro Mashima that was originally serialised in the weekly Shonen Magazine published by Kodansha.

Published from August 2006 to July 2017, the manga follows the adventures of Natsu Dragneel, a member of the popular wizard guild Fairy Tail, as he searches the fictional world of Earth-land for the dragon Igneel.

FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! has garnered more than 500,000 sign-ups across the two-week pre-registration period in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, reflecting the excitement fans across the region have for the game. Here are four reasons why they are so hyped for the new game!

Official collaboration with Kodansha, featuring iconic scenes from FAIRY TAIL

FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! is an official collaboration with Kodansha and features the same characters and their voice actors from the original FAIRY TAIL animation, including Natsu, Lucy, and Gray. Players can partner up with FAIRY TAIL’s classic characters and experience the series’ iconic scenes, specially recreated for mobile. These familiar faces will form the backbone of your strongest team and give you the power to defeat even the mightiest of enemies.

Relive your favourite FAIRY TAIL moments with the series’ characters and original voice actors.
Form your strongest team and conquer S-Class quests.

Test your wits and skills mastery in exciting turn-based battle gameplay

FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite! features exciting turn-based combat gameplay, giving players the chance to immerse themselves in the fast-paced action characteristic of the series. Experience an array of in-game mechanics, including 9 class types, battle formations, and magic beasts. You will also have access to an inventory of powerful skills, including FAIRY TAIL classics such as Natsu’s “Fire Dragon’s Roar” and Erza’s “Heaven’s Wheel Armor: Blumenblatt”. There is nothing like experiencing first-hand the stratagems that made FAIRY TAIL into the most powerful guild.

Test your wits in fast-paced, turn-based combat.

Choose from 9 distinct classes to start your RPG journey

Start your journey by choosing from 9 distinct classes, each with its own unique skills and abilities. Requip, Force, Velocity, Soundwave, Sleet, Guardian, Alphabet, Elixir, and Cure – your choice will determine what type of wizard you will be. Combined with the trading and social systems, players will enter an immersive magical world filled with quests just waiting to be explored.

Choose from 9 distinct classes and start your journey!

Claim the versatile SS-Class Erza character

Download and register your team to claim the SS-Class Erza character. Known as Titania and the big sister in FAIRY TAIL, Erza’s mastery of Requip magic means that she will be able to counter any enemy by instantly changing her weapon and armor types. Her versatility and raw power will definitely make her a valuable addition to your team.

Always have the upper hand with Erza’s versatile Requip magic.

Players stand to earn exciting rewards from the ongoing New Year’s Day and 28-Day Check-In events. All you have to do is log in every day to claim special rewards that will aid you in your wizard adventure.

For more information on FAIRY TAIL: Forces Unite, visit the game’s official Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels.

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