Fox’s X-Men vs. Fantastic Four Movie Would’ve Included Daredevil and Deadpool

Update (1/2/21) – As reported by, The Bourne Supremacy’s Paul Greengrass has confirmed that he was in talks with Fox about a never-made X-Men vs. Fantastic Four film that would have featured Daredevil and Deadpool.

Greengrass was speaking to the Happy Sad Confused podcast when he discussed that while he was approached for this project, it didn’t go much farther than discussions.

“They did talk to me about it. I wouldn’t say I was attached. [We] talked, and I thought about it, and in the end… [nothing happened].”

As far as Daredevil and Deadpool appearing, this was actually confirmed in 2019 by Thor and X-Men: First Class screenwriter Zack Stentz on Fatman on Batman.

“[Ashley Edward Miller] and I, when we were working at Fox and we were working on X-Men: First Class, we did a secret movie for them that — I can’t tell you what the plot was — but I can tell you that it used all of the characters, all of the Marvel characters that Fox had at the time in 2011,” Stentz revealed. “It used the X-Men. It used the Fantastic Four. It used Daredevil. It used Deadpool. Daredevil was still at Fox at the time.”

Even though this movie never happened, Marvel recently confirmed that a Fantastic 4 movie is in the works and is being helmed by Spider-Man: Homecoming and Far From Home director Jon Watts.

Original story follows.

With the X-Men movie franchise singing its swan song with the release of Dark Phoenix, a report has come out from THR that back in 2010 Fox toyed with the idea of making an X-Men vs. Fantastic Four movie.

According to THR’s “secret sources,” Fox considered a Civil War-esque superhero movie crossover that pitted the Children of the Atom against Marvel’s First Family. The battle was going to be ignited by Johnny Storm when he accidentally blew a hole in Manhattan after going supernova while trying to capture F4 villain Molecule Man, thus sparking the Superhero Registration Act in response to the devastation.

The heroes would have then split into two sides and battled it out, with the matchup of Wolverine fighting Mister Fantastic ending in shocking fashion. As THR tells it, the hero vs. hero brawl ended with “Reed Richards pinning Wolverine down, extending his hands until they’re one molecule wide, and using them as scissors to cut the mutant’s arms off.”

They’d grow back, right?

The film would have ended with the heroes making peace and a post-credits scene teasing a Skrull invasion (yes, the shapeshifters featured in Captain Marvel).

Fox apparently tapped X-Men: First Class screenwriters Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz to write the script, and Bourne filmmaker Paul Greengrass was “flirting with directing.”

Obviously, the plans fizzled out and the movie never happened. First Class was deemed a success by Fox so they decided to continue in that direction and make Days of Future Past instead.

There’s also mention that renowned comic writer Warren Ellis was commissioned for a story treatment on a different X-Men vs. Fantastic Four movie, but no details of that version were given.

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