December 10, 2023

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Get Up To 15 Games For $10 In The Latest Fanatical Bundle

The publisher Handy Games is celebrating its 23rd anniversary this month with a massive build-your-own bundle at Fanatical. With this deal, you can grab up to 15 Hand Games-published titles for just $10. There is also a three-game option for $3 and a seven-game tier for $6 if you want a smaller bundle.

Fanatical’s DIY deals usually offer a wide swathe of games to pick from, but the Handy Games Anniversary bundle has a whopping 39 games and DLC packs to choose from.

Some notable options include the 3D action-adventure Scarf and the side-scrolling shoot-’em-up Sine Mora EX. There are also 2D platformers like Giana Sisters (multiple titles), strategy games like Nexus: The Jupiter Incident, arcade flying games like Skydrift Infinity, and so much more. This is even the perfect opportunity to pick up the “so bad it’s good” cult adventure game, The Mystery of the Druids, for cheap.

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