Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Monster Truck Safari

Monster Truck Safari

Download : 21.9 MB

Participate in monster truck car races in difficult hills and rivers. There are forms of races that can be followed: sprint and seize the Flag. Win numerous races, get as many factors as possible, and improve vans to have maximum strength. Make your name in the top listing of monster truck drivers.
In a dash race, be the quickest to attain the take a look at factor that has been determined by using an arrow. each automobile can block each other’s car via crashing or blocking it. Who first reaches the last checkpoint becomes the winner. while in the sport of seize the flag, whoever reaches the flag first, he have to carry the flag so that it isn’t captured by using others. the way to snatch a flag is completed through crashing into a flag provider car.



Arrow keys = Move and brake (down arrow).
Space = Full brake.
TAB = Looking back.
C = Change vision.
Esc = Go to menu.