Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Naruto: Ninja Way 9

Naruto: Ninja Way 9

Download : size 9 MB

Naruto: Ninja Way is a preventing game reminiscent of the Nintendo traditional smash Bros. You can play in opposition to the pc or your pals in epic battles, wherein you may soar in any direction in extraordinary combos, throw shurikens, kick your opponents, and flip yourself into a tree trunk to avoid enemy assaults.A must-play recreation for fanatics of manga. With the aid of default, the game runs in a completely small window compared to nowadays’s resolutions which makes the characters way too small to be able to flawlessly experience the sport.


F4 = Play Fullscreen / 1 full screen.
W, A, S, D – Up, left, down, and right.
H – Select / Enter.
W, A, S, D – Jump, left, down, and right.
H, J, K, U, I – Action. Try and see the action!