November 25, 2023

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New Survey Reveals Just How Much Gaming Is Growing

A new survey from GameSpot parent company Fandom is out now, shedding light on the current state of the video game market and providing details about the base of people who play games.

Fandom’s Inside Gaming report, which pulls from a survey of 15,000 Fandom users, has a number of key findings. These include the conclusion that engagement in gaming has increased in every demographic, platform, and genre over the past five years. 45{913fb332f479fae285af662acad537361d83b78e6c22dcc16ed9b04907e0d900} of gamers surveyed in the study said they were spending more time playing games than ever before.

The survey also found that older generations of gamers spend more hours per week playing games than teens and Gen Z. Millennials, meanwhile, are especially interested in gaming, with 52{913fb332f479fae285af662acad537361d83b78e6c22dcc16ed9b04907e0d900} ranking gaming as their No. 1 entertainment interest.

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