Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Overwatch 2 – Lifeweaver Hero Guide

Overwatch 2 Season 4 has arrived, bringing a new battle pass, a ton of quality-of-life updates and the new support hero Lifeweaver. Lifeweaver is a support who has a massive kit, with plenty of abilities to keep track of and utilize. This also makes him a bit more complicated to use than some of the previous support heroes, requiring very strong knowledge to get the most out of him. Here’s how to best use Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2.

Lifeweaver overview

For primary weapons, Lifeweaver has his Healing Blossom, which can be charged to heal 65 HP. Lifeweaver can swap to his Thorn Volley, which operates like a close-range submachine, but you will have to switch frequently if you want to deal damage and keep up with your healing duties, with swapping taking about a second for the animation to complete.

Lifeweaver is equipped with three active abilities. The first is Rejuvenating Dash, which is a short-range dash that provides a small amount of self-healing to you. Next is the Petal Platform, a large lotus flower that is placed on the ground and rises into the air when someone steps on it. The Petal Platform has a health bar and can be destroyed. Last is Life Grip, which grabs a teammate and pulls them towards you, making them invulnerable while they travel.

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