Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Should You Choose a Shop with Discount for Lineage 2 Adena?


You may have done your homework finding the best place to buy lineage 2 adena from. In your research, you may have found that some sources offer adena with a price slash so mouthwatering it borders on impossible. And in your research, you may have also noticed that some reputable, big-name players in the industry offer such a great discount while other providers, which are much smaller in any way, do not. The latter is seldom found offering price slash because their price is already at a rate that is considered affordable—just so you know. You may be currently are wondering why you should turn to shops that don’t do discounts, so let’s get onboard as we are about take a deeper dive into the case.

Discounted Adena is bad?

Suppose a shop offers you a big discount for l2 adena. You are interested and make a purchased along with the specified price cut. Suppose the adena is promised to be delivered within a timeframe of 5 days. So, you wait patiently for your order. But on the third day, you get on their website and find out that there is an even bigger discount for the same amount of adena you ordered previously. Will you not feel betrayed? What is the purpose of offering a discount in the first place if an even lower price cut is to be introduced very shortly? You would find yourself getting angry at your own decision; had you waited for a couple of days, you would get that even-bigger-discount stuff. So, is it wrong to try to find a shop that offers discounts?

So, No Discount = Good?

Not necessarily, no. However, instead of focusing solely on a price slash, you should try to find a place that offers it in a different way. Adena is an important, vital, and integral part of Lineage2 and it is a hassle to gather it. It is understandable why you struggle so much with finding discounts because you will want values for your money. But let’s get back to our first premise: Smaller shops don’t offer discounts because that’s the lowest they can give you. But it doesn’t mean they cannot offer you something else with your purchase. People are buying lineage 2 adena in a variety of quantities. So, if you buy 100 gold, the seller may gift you with additional 40{913fb332f479fae285af662acad537361d83b78e6c22dcc16ed9b04907e0d900} of the initial purchase, making it 110 gold in total. This does not count as a discount indeed and the amount of gold added to the initial purchase may not be that big of a deal. But a gift is a gift and you end up with some more adena in the end. Keep in mind that with Lineage 2, every little adena counts so you should be thankful for whatever amount of it added to your purchase. But if you still wish for a discount, find a shop that deals with giving you one provided that you can send them a link to that other shop that provides adena at a price lower than them.