Singapore Man Manages to Sell Empty PS5 Box for US$23

The recently launched PlayStation 5 is in really high demand right now and units are sold out worldwide. You’d be lucky to even find an empty PS5 box lying around.

That’s exactly what Leslie Koh found when he was throwing out the trash near his home in Singapore recently. It would appear that one of his lucky neighbours managed to got their hands on Sony’s next-generation console but decided to discard the box.

Image via Leslie Koh/Facebook.

And then a lightbulb moment came to Koh: since the box is in pristine condition, why not play a prank and put it up for sale on Carousell? So, for the fun of it, Koh brought it back home, took photos and put it up for sale.

It’s not a malicious prank, mind you. In the item description, Koh clear states that he is merely selling an empty PS5 box for SG$30 (US$23).

Image via Leslie Koh/Facebook.

In a Facebook post, Koh couldn’t quite believe it when someone expressed interest in buying the box. The customer seemed to know what they were getting into – they asked about the box’s dimensions and didn’t seem to mind that it was empty.

Image via Leslie Koh/Facebook.

It is unsure why they bought the box. Perhaps it’s for a prank on Christmas Day? There could be a number of reasons but as far as Koh is concerned, he made SG$30 from nothing after selling literal rubbish.

“Here’s what I’ve learnt. Opportunities are everywhere, you just need to keep your eyes open. One man’s rubbish is indeed another man’s treasure,” said Koh in his Facebook post, adding that Singaporeans should manage their expectations if they’re getting a PS5 for Christmas. It could be just an empty box.

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