Starfield Leaks Seemingly Confirmed By Bethesda Employee T-Shirt

A T-shirt worn by a Bethesda employee appears to have confirmed a series of Starfield leaks that made their way onto the internet this year.

As spotted by user Rynderend on Reddit, Bethesda Game Studios managing director Ashley Cheng was seen sporting a Starfield development team shirt in a Develop: Brighton award ceremony live stream, during which Bethesda boss Todd Howard accepted the Develop Star Award.

A patch-like design on Cheng’s shoulder depicts a planet’s surface and the stars above – and has been seen in Starfield leaks over the past few months. It can be seen most clearly on the astronaut’s suit in September’s Imgur dump of images purporting to be from an early build of the game.

Many were sceptical about the legitimacy of the leaks at first, but this connection draws a clear link to Bethesda’s upcoming title. When these leaks circulated it was suggested by the leaker that the game was targeting a 2021 launch, and a final image leaked on Twitter showing a moonbase settlement.

All of the leaks seen so far show astronauts standing outside of space stations of varying materials and architecture. The player character appears to have a health and stamina bar and a firearm, and there’s some kind of survival mechanics node in the bottom left of the UI, with a CO2 and O2 meter, as well as a potential gravity indicator. It may be that you can build these settlements while managing your various needs in space to survive in Starfield.

Bethesda revealed Starfield way back in 2018 and we’ve learned precious little about the game since. Earlier this year we found out that Starfield had received a “major engine rewrite” for next-gen consoles, which Todd Howard recently said was the largest update ever made to Bethesda’s Creation Engine.

Jordan Oloman is a freelance writer for IGN. Follow him on Twitter.

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