November 29, 2023

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The Fortnite x Attack on Titan update is nearly here – brings new skins and slick new ODM gear

The Attack on Titan x Fortnite update is coming soon, according to a new post on the official Fortnite website. A teaser trailer has also been released showing off the new features in game, if you’d like to see it all in motion.

This update, part of Chapter Four Season Two, brings several characters from the popular anime to the battle royale including Mikasa and Levi. You also can get your hands on some weapon cosmetics with an Attack on Titan theme. So if you’re a fan of the series, you can show your love if you’ve got some cash to splash.

But by far the coolest thing we see in the trailer is the ODM gear – the personal ziplines you see the characters use to shoot themselves across the map in the teaser. With them, you see characters make use of their hightened mobility to quickly navigate the new city POI on the island. This paired with the grind rails make that already exceptional drop spot a truly enticing place to land.

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